A Century And a Half of Technological Adaptation

Yes, that common cleaning aid called the vacuum cleaner, without which most Western households and offices cannot conceive of carrying out daily cleaning chores, is more than a century and a half old. The traditional vacuum cleaner has evolved into various avatars like commercial vacuum cleaners UK, heavy duty vacuum cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners.

What had started as a manual carpet sweeper in 1860 when Daniel Hess of West Union, Iowa, USA invented a machine with a rotating brush and an elaborate bellows mechanism on top of the body to generate suction of dust and dirt, has now been modified into sophisticated models which can do more than drive the dust off your carpets. Industrial vacuum cleaners are quite often huge, stationary contraptions that can suck up several hundred liters of dust before they need to be emptied. They are a highly refined, direct technological descendant of Hubert Cecil Booth’s ‘Puffing Billy’ which was a motorized petrol-powered, horse-drawn vacuum cleaner which relied upon air drawn through a cloth filter to remove dust from carpets. Booth’s machine was used to clean the carpets of Westminster Abbey before Edward VII’s coronation in 1901.

Heavy duty Vacuum Chambers cleaners are designed to convey materials over longer vertical and horizontal distances. Obviously these rugged machines have multi-utility industrial applications like waste or trim removal which was not possible earlier. They need to be constructed out of hardened alloy to prevent wear and tear. This makes them particularly suitable for usage in storage yards, trenches, walls, and even processing areas where the equipment needs to be compact as available space is little.

In contrast, commercial vacuum cleaners UK are typically the backpack variety where the machine can be carried on the back of the cleaner. This allows for greater mobility and is very suitable for use on stairs and in shops and showrooms.

All this shows that over the past century and a half, the vacuum cleaner has adapted to changing needs and demands to become a piece of equipment which launched a clean revolution.

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